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Conceived by Jaime Lozano

Music by Jaime Lozano

Lyrics by Lindsay Erin Anderson, Neena Beber, Lauren Epsenhart, Sami Horneff, Victoria Kühne, Lisa Mongillo, Marina Pires, Noemi de la Puente and June Rachelson-Ospa

Developed by Jaime Lozano, Florencia Cuenca & Sami Horneff


Inspired by his upbringing in a strong matriarchy, Lozano conceived the show as a tribute to the women in his life. The songs, performed by a company of four, explore the unique challenges women face in society today on the journey to find happiness, love, and meaning in their lives. The themes of acceptance, hope, and friendship are universal reminders that no matter who we are or where we come from, our lives are all connected through the shared experience of womanhood.


2019 Mexico City Concert 

2017 Off-Broadway Production

2017 Metropolitan Room Concert

2017 Festival Alfonsino Mexican Premiere 

2017 Broadway Au Carrè World Premiere Paris, France