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Book and Lyrics by Lauren Epsenhart

Music by Jaime Lozano


The story of Children of Salt is inspired by the biblical anecdote of Lot’s wife, the moment she chose to look back at the crumbling village of Sodom and Gomorrah. The focal point of the piece is Raúl, a successful entrepreneur who infrequently returns home, avoiding people, memories, and situations that sent him packing twenty years prior. Upon learning of his estranged grandmother’s illness, Raúl again returns home to the beach, in hopes of leaving as quickly as possible. Throughout the day, a series of unexpected meetings, with old friends and a lost love, unleash a Pandora of memories, some beautiful, others consuming. Raúl must learn from these memories in order to accept his present and move into his future. If he fails, he will remain one of the many “children of salt” he struggled to leave behind years before.  


2016 New York Musical Festival Production (Best of Fest Winner)

2015 New York City Industry Reading

2009 New York University Reading