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Jaime Lozano provides vocal training, and coaching for healthy voice use in any popular music genre focused on musical theatre, and storytelling.  He coaches all kinds of singers from musical theatre and pop performers to those interested to learn to sing as a hobby. He is convinced that everyone can be able to sing having the right direction to know their own instrument. He strongly believes on a wide contemporary technique based on getting to know how to use your own instrument to be able to perform any kind of music.

During the coaching process he works not just on vocal technique but, also, interpretation, psychology preparation, repertoire, audition process and more.

He works mainly in NYC and all around Mexico with some of the best performers on Broadway, Off-Broadway and Mexico City.

He teaches private lessons, group workshops, and master classes.

Besides his work as vocal coach, he provides other music services such as notating, copying, transposing, arranging, orchestrating, music preparation, music directing, and music producing.

Please contact Jaime Lozano with all the details about your needs and book a private session, skype session or group Workshop.

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