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Book and Lyrics by Nancy Nachama Cheser

Music and Additional Spanish Lyrics by Jaime Lozano


Arriving with not much more than the promise of the American Dream, a group of recent immigrants meet in an adult English class in New York. Along with their teacher, a conflicted young woman from a Hasidic upbringing, they discover a community where love and loss transcend the language barrier, and laughter and song pervade their lessons. When a young father’s life is rocked by a crisis, aftershocks spread throughout the classroom and each must decide how far they will go to protect the ones they love. 


This is the American story of courage and hope transforming hardships into dreams told with a contemporary twist, infectious vitality, and a Latin beat.


2020 Theatre Zone Production 


2019 Live and in Color NYC Industry Reading 


2018 Live and in Color Workshop


2018 Salgado Productions Reading