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Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Four times a year, at the legendary Joe’s Pub, Sofija Stefanovic welcomes some of her favorite people for a celebration of immigration. Hear anecdotes about language barriers, cultural missteps, rumbles, romance, and more! Jaime Lozano is an special guest this time.

Join host Sofija Stefanovic as she welcomes some of her favorite authors, artists, comedians, and musicians for a celebration of immigration! Hear true tales about language barriers, cultural missteps, rumbles, romance, and more. From addresses to the President, to songs about first kisses, the evening is set to be one of global proportions.

Guests on February 17 include:

André Aciman (author of Call Me By Your Name and Find Me) Dr. Mateus F. Carneiro (particle physicist) Mo Kheir (comedian, Mohamed’s Green Card Special) Tanaïs (née Tanwi Nandini Islam: author of Bright Lines and the forthcoming In Sensorium, founder of Hi Wildflower Beauty & Fragrance)

With a musical performance by Jaime Lozano (A Never-Ending Line, Children of Salt, Joe’s Pub Working Group 2020)

Special wildcard announcement: We will feature a story from an audience member. If you have an immigration story to tell, bring it along and put your name in the hat to join our guests on stage! (You can read, or tell the story with notes.)

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